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I'm Rory Milhench Ph.D. I'm an Interview and Academic Coach from ireland.

My name is Rory and I’m a native English speaker from Ireland. I’m an Interview and Academic Coach who specialises in preparing business professionals and students for interviews, presentations and written projects in English. After receiving my Ph.D from Trinity College Dublin, I worked as a Senior Financial Recruitment Consultant for a prominent Irish Recruitment company, before being selected to set up their FinTech Division in London’s Canary Wharf.


I worked with a range of leading financial institutions such as Deutsche Bank, Fidelity Investments, HedgeServ, Fidelity International and more. I successfully coached hundreds of candidates from an initial CV consultation, to performing in an interview to finally negotiating and accepting a new job offer. I set up Cala Coaching in 2021 to offer tailored coaching plans in the areas of Interviews, CVs, Public Speaking and Written English to professionals and students of all sectors. 

You can read more about what I offer below in the Services section. Feel free to contact me with any questions.


All the very best,



About Me

My Services.

Interview & CV Coaching

I offer a range of online services related to Interviews in English. If you have already secured an interview, we can work on preparing specifically for that interview. I will require your CV and the particular job description. If you are preparing for a hypothetical job interview, we will need to begin with tailoring your CV and your LinkedIn profile to specific jobs/sectors. 

  • CV design and editing training This includes coaching on layout, design, content, keywords and narrative building.

  • Interview coaching sessions This includes intonation, how to structure answers, body language, building rapport and more. 

  • Strategies for negotiating a job offer/contract How to secure the salary and conditions you want. 

Academic Coaching

I also offer online services related to public speaking in English, which include presentations, thesis defenses, speeches, debates, lectures and more. I offer a personalised proofreading service, based on the length of your project. I can help write or rewrite other written projects such as cover letters, job/study applications, blogs etc. 

  • Public Speaking Training This includes presentations, thesis defenses, lectures, debates, speeches etc. from creation to delivery. 

  • Proofreading of essays, theses, work projects etc. Line-by-line analysis and support.

  • Assistance writing and rewriting other projects Such as blogs, articles, University/Job applications etc.  

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